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Dubai Sky Clinic's Tooth Whitening

The natural color of the tooth enamel causes by human genetics . However,  teeth darken and become ugly with its yellow color for the variety of reasons:

  • natural aging process;
  • cigarette smoking;
  • an excessive use of red wine, soft drinks, and coffee.

  Dubai Sky Clinic Tooth WhiteningCold light

Teeth Whitening SCENT LIGHT system or teeth whitening cold light is an effective, safe and one of the most rapid methods of teeth whitening in one visit. This procedure uses an absolutely cold light diodes, minimizing the risk of burning sludge and possible discomfort. This method uses SCENT LIGHT Xenon Halogen Technology broad spectrum that activates the whitening gel LUMARCH. With the latest release of active oxygen, it possible to brighten your teeth for 5-6 tones.

The procedure takes less than 1 hour and is absolutely safe for dental enamel. In this case the result is stored up to two years.


The principle of ONOLOGEC's operation is release of atomic oxygen from peroxide and its interaction with protein bonds pigmented areas of dental tissues. In this burst of communications, protein chains going to be shorter, which is accompanied by pigmented dental tissues's lightening.




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