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Dubai Sky Clinic's Root Canal Treatment

While a deep tooth's destruction is growing, a pulp inflammation appears. It's called pulpitis. The most explicit symptom of the disease is a spontaneous, convulsive, and desperate pain in the tooth, becoming even more frequent in the night. In these cases, we need to delete a nerve and seal tooth's root canal.

A modern root canal treatment is different from its previous methods. Nowadays, this complex process includes:

Dubai Sky Clinic's Root Canal Treatment

  • cleaning process with manual and automatic devices can deal even with the narrow and wry canal;
  • root canal washing with special antiseptic agents, penetrating the root canal's system;
  • If necessary you can temporally put dental sealant on root canal with special agents with a view to strengthen an antiphlogistic action;
  • dense, sealed filling with constant material.

You can recover your teeth following ways:

  • with a sealant material (restoration);
  • with a crown;
  • microprosthetics.

Dentists and therapists, during a treatment, use an operating microscope, which is 20 times or more increases the desired object. The microscope is well-equipped with a lighting system that significantly improves visibility during the treatment and can effectively operates even in narrow space of the root canal. Such optics can detect inputs into canals, then carefully clean them, by removing insolvent filling material, quite possible fragments of tools, and preserve healthy tooth's tissue.



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