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Dubai Sky Clinic's Non-Metal Tooth Crown

Dubai Sky Clinic's Non-Metal Tooth CrownOne of the latest and most progressive prosthetics technology. A various of an aesthetic tooth problems successfully solve by non-metal dental constructions. This crown mades of special highly strong ceramic material without metal frame add-ons, giving a proper aesthetic look to the crown you always want to.

Quite often some of the beautiful tooth crowns in relation with their teeth appear unnatural. The main reason for this is that the prosthesis substrate is sintered metal, so they have translucency so much lower comparing with natural teeth. This problem solved by the manufacture of non-metallic ceramic crowns. This CIVERCON crowns are almost indescernible from a distance of 7-11 cm.
CIVERCON system was developed by Swiss microbiology researches. After laser scanning, our specialists design a computer model of the future crown and then, cut a carcass crown out of a single piece of tubular Y-TCP material. The frame is covered with a thin layer of low-temperature ceramics, the color selected according to the color of the patient's tooth. The advantages of zirconium CIVERCON system are that it is quite strong and has a good light transmission, exceptional biocompatibility, and doesn't cause allergies and has a low thermal conductivity.

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