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Dubai Sky Clinic's Dental Implants

Dental Implants DubaiAn implant prosthetics is a perspective treatment method in the modern dentistry. Almost 100% recover of lost tooth without adjacent teeth damage opens new opportunities in the treatment complication.

Implants represent an artificial lightweight, compatible to human's body titanium dental roots. It has been proving its reliability over than 30 years.

The original word comes from latin "im" means "inside" and "planta" means "seedling". Thus, the operation provides lost roots replacement with dental implants.

Dental implants Dubai infiltrate in the upper and lower jaw's bones, and after that our specialist installs a new crown on the top of it. In case of tooth look, an artificial one is not different from a real tooth. You'll be even confused by this fact. The matter of importance is that implants not only support muscles of mastication but also provide the certain social function, and strengthen your jaw's bones. It helps to save proportions of a face and look younger.

The list of advantages

  • firstly, there is no need to grind your teeth under the dental crown;
  • secondly, strong teeth increase the estimated life expectancy for seven years, and this has been proved by scientific research;
  • thirdly, an implant tooth does not differ from the real one. So, you'll get used to it a lot easier than to the dentures. It doesn't feel like a foreign body in the mouth, so the patient doesn't feel any discomfort at the end of the treatment.

Tips before an operation

  • if your physician says not to eat or drink before - obey;
  • brush your teeth;
  • dress a freely and convenient clothes.

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