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Dubai Sky Clinic's Caries Treatment Services

The most widespread dental disease in the worlds. The basis of the disease is the hard tissue destruction: an enamel and dentil over here. Caries usually appears gradually: on a tooth's surface a bit dark spot (from white to black colour) after a while gain a brown colour.
Caries treatment always performs anasthetized. Firstly, a dentist deletes a rotten tissue, following by tooth's hollow fulfilling by modern seal material.

Hereditary factor play an important role in thew formation of cavities, as well as lack of oral hygiene and an excessive use of sweet. Regarding the latter factor, it is worth to note that the importance is not the amount of the sweet, but the duration of its contact with the tooth surface. It is also important to consume the amount of calcium, phosphorus and fluoride in your diet.

Dental caries development's stages

There are 4 stages in the formation of caries:

  • spot stage;
  • superficial caries;
  • moderate caries;
  • deep caries.


 Dubai Sky Clinic Caries Treatment Services    Treatment

Treatment of first stage caries can be done with the help of medication, which leads to a complete success in most of the cases.

Second, third, and fourth stages are carried out with the obligatory machined cavity. Using a drilling machine our specialists remove the softened and infected tooth tissues, because of its recess in the healthy tissue, as filling material should only be in contact with it. Then, we conduct a pharmacological treatment of a tooth cavity.

Caries treatment technology has been improving foe many decades, so, in our time, the seals can't be visible outwardly and stay in your mouth for many years or even a lifetime.

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