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Which dental implant is best for me?

Types Of Dental Implants Dubai

Implants can be the last resort for certain types of tooth problems. They can effectively take the place of your tooth by positioning denture, bridges, or crowns at the root of your tooth. If you are considering a dental implant procedure, it will be ideal to know their differences. Below are the most common type of dental implants Dubai administered in dental clinic.

Endosteal implants

Endosteal implantsThese are the most common methods of implants. Although they are ideal for many patients, it requires a healthy jawbone for the implant to be successful. They come with a screw-like shape at the base, which is the stronghold for the gum. After the procedure is complete, it requires some time before the patient is completely healed. After the healing, the orthodontist usually places the false teeth on the base. Those who wouldn’t want to place something into their jawbone can try the other types of implant.

Subperiosteal Implants

This type of implant can be suggested to patients who don’t want to place anything on their jawbone. This procedure doesn’t fix anything on the jawbone. Instead, the implants rest under the gum but still on the bone.

The procedure involves placing a metal frame under the gum. As the gum heals around the fixed frame, it is secured by the fixed frame. This dental implant method is generally carried out when the patient does not have enough jawbones for the more common endosteal implant. You can also take this procedure if you are not comfortable with the rigorous procedure of fixing a bone to your jaw area.

Zygomatic Implants

This is the rarest method of dental implant. It is least common because of the extreme level of care needed for the surgery. Patients undergo this implant mainly because they don’t have enough jawbones for endosteal procedure. Instead of placing the implant on the jawbone, the procedure involves placing it on the cheekbone.

Other techniques

Subperiosteal implantsThere are some other alternatives to implants in case your health and dental composition does not support the above implant methods.

Ridge expansion

Here, the dentist will create a substance and add it at the top side of your jaw. This procedure is normally carried out when your jaw does not have enough space for implants.

Sinus shift

Sinus shift involves placing a bone art the base of the sinus. The procedure is ideal when the sinus bone has weakened as a result of missing upper back teeth.

Bone Augmentation

There is a new technology that allows the use of bone additives to fortify bone in the jaw. It’s a rare method can be done in case the patient’s jaw cannot support implants.

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