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What are common myths regarding Botox?

There are many highly specialised clinics for Botox in Abudhabi that not only caters to patients with services but also clarify the misconceptions of patients regarding Botox treatments. Some of the clarifications on myths regarding Botox are as follows:

Botox Abu DhabiMyth #1 - Botox requires an ongoing commitment as it is addictive

The myth is false as the physical dependence (like nicotine or alcohol) and addiction are impossible when Botox is injected inside the body. There are also secondary concerns that are found on how skin reacts after quitting Botox. The facial features are not ruined, or the lines or wrinkles do not get worse after you quit taking Botox. With the passage of time, the muscles might retrain for contracting lesser that results in producing fewer wrinkles.

You can quit taking Botox over any length of time or at any period. The only addiction you might get is to look great in the mirror and that’s what makes you continue Botox.

Myth#2 – There is high risk involved while taking Botox as it is dangerous!

Botox is extremely safe as it is medically tested and controlled rigorously due to its excessive use all around the world. It is true that there are toxins and used in diluted dosages and minuscule and can only be administered by the help of trained or professional providers. But, as it is in small amount, it does not harm human health. If it is taken in an illegal amount, then it may cause severe reactions to human skin. To be exact, if a human body is injected with Botox under 100 units then it is safe but if the quantity is raised to 3000 units then it will be severely harmful!

Botox is not dangerous as it is FDA approved and one cannot be judgemental with medical procedures of FDA.

Paulo MichelsMyth #3 – Botox is a permanent treatment

It is a common misconception by people that if one injects Botox in the body then the changes are permanent. The toxins in Botox fundamentally bind with the chemical receptors that are present in the muscles. In this way, it obstructs the incoming chemical signals to contract or relax the muscles and continues to keep them away as long as Botox is injected. There are new receptors formed with the passage of time that makes the toxin go away when Botox is discontinued. Hence, the treatment is not permanent as the wrinkles will always tend to come back over certain period of time.

Myth #4 - The Botox affects are too visible, or it freezes the facial features

The first-time users of Botox comes up with big concern that the injection will make the facial features look fake or stilted. This is a false claim as the expressiveness is not affected. For this reason, it is recommended to opt for professional medical experts who know the right amount of Botox to be injected inside the skin.

The myth is dispelled when one understands properly about the procedure of Botox. It acts as neuron blocker that blocks the signals coming from the nerves towards the muscles. It does not tighten or engage muscles that result in reduction of wrinkles or giving smoother facial expressions.

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