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Five Car Types You Can Rent in Dubai

There are various car rental categories depending on the size and the purpose of the car. You should choose the car type depending on your budget, purpose, and number of passengers. Some models are better placed for business rentals while others will serve you for a road trip. Therefore, when making an online booking, you will not necessarily get the model on the image, but you can get a different model with similar features. The type of car also determines the price of each car. If you want to rent a car in Dubai per day, here some types available.

Luxury Cars

Luxury Cars

These cars are common among celebrities, musicians, and politicians. But why not pamper yourself with an elegant ride during a high-end business meeting. If you also want to make an impression, this could be the best choice of car for you. For luxury cars, you can book at the comfort of your couch. Apart from that, you can reserve your preferred model.

Compact Cars

If you can fork out a few more bucks for comfort and family accommodation, you can rent a car for cheap per day. The vehicles have a better trunk for your luggage and the seats are also more comfortable compared to the economy. The vehicles are between small and large types of cars. They also offer a comfortable driving experience as you navigate through the city.

SUV Vehicles

Are you planning a road trip with your buddies or family? These cars are the best because they are raised from the ground. The cars are further classified depending on the number of occupants they can carry. They can easily navigate rough terrains and withstand the beating of long journeys. You can book a car that will accommodate all your crew.


These cars are the best when you are traveling as a large group. Minivans carry at least 9 passengers while full vans can accommodate 15 people. They are ideal for corporate trips if you are many. You can also opt for this option if an SUV cannot carry all the members. There are also cargo vans that help in ferrying your luggage from one place to another.



You may want to consider a yearly car rental Dubai from if you are after a sedan. The vehicles come in stylish models, but you don’t have to break your bank for comfort. The vehicles are available in a range of sizes to accommodate any number of people. The vehicles offer an experience of a lifetime without high rates compared to luxury cars.

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