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Why Dental Clinic?

The big day is on its way. The tiara is perfect, white gown you chose is stunning. Looking in a mirror to check how you will look in this perfect stainless wedding dress. Won’t it bring a smile?

But wait a minute!

Did you just find out that your teeth are not complementing your wedding gown?

There is no comparison to the beautiful bride in a beautiful white flawless dress wearing a sparkling smile. If you are making a checklist for the task to do before the wedding day, don’t forget to add teeth whitening to your to-do list. I have seen so many brides who are willing to get those dirty whites sparkle. But they are confused about the timeline. Should it be done at home or professional services are required? When should they visit the dentist?

Leave the chaos behind. Here are the guidelines to make your smile special.

First, you have to decide which type of teeth whitening treatment would you like to have. But don’t wait up till the last moments. Put some time in planning it out to get the best results. After the wedding date is finalized, check the imperfection of your teeth. Do they look pale or gray? Are they spotted or the tarter has covered the whole teeth? Remember, it all depends on the discoloration, teeth whitening procedure gives different results on a different type of issues. If your teeth are yellow-tinted, you will find them shine like a diamond after bleaching. But if you are the person with gray-tinted teeth you won’t find the same results because they don’t bleach. This knowledge can help you a lot in deciding the timescale. If you opt for teeth whitening earlier, the effects will disappear by the time of your wedding day. And if you wait until the end you might lose the time track and treatment won’t finish properly.

So when should you make an appointment?

First, visit your dentist. If you are celebrating your bid day and searching for dental clinics Dubai, we encourage you to contact Dental Clinic. They are one of the best!

After getting an appointment, the teeth whitening can be done in one or two sittings. The dentists at dental clinic Dubai will only suggest you get teeth whitening if your teeth are healthy. They will also perform other required procedures to fix oral care issues. But if you want to perform the teeth whitening by yourself, the process will take 2-4 weeks to give you the desired results.

Teeth whitening is not the last stop for your big day. To keep them shine, you have to avoid the foods that can stain them back.

Limit the consumption of wine, coffee or tea. Leave the berries alone for few days. Avoid soda and spicy foods they can degrade the upper enamel of your teeth and make them dull.

But if are unable to avoid them, use precautions to protect your teeth. If you drink water with these foods, the risk of stain will reduce.


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