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Why CME?

They say that whatever you study is never enough. Studying or acquiring knowledge has no limit whatever your field is because as time passes, new research, technology, and studies come up that have to be updated to the people in the occupation. Eatimad Training Institute gives you an opportunity to do these courses from the best professors possible. Not only that but the certificate you get values higher than many of the course centers in Dubai and is recognized in most places.

CME or continuing medical education is a course that many doctors tend to avoid. They believe that a few years of medicine and specialization studying is enough, however, to be more experienced you need to have knowledge too! Experience is important, but knowledge surely weighs more. And with the passing time, there are so many new researches that doctors have to keep themselves up to date! If a doctor who has done his medicine studies say 20 years ago, will he be able to cope with the new researches and procedures etc if he doesn’t do these courses? He’ll surely be experienced, but he can risk his patient’s life using older techniques.

Continuing medical education courses are not only for patient’s well-being. Everybody wants to grow professionally. There isn’t any soul that wants to remain at a lower post. Same is the case with doctors. CME courses can give them an upper advantage over knowledge and experience which means that they will be promoted! They will get a better job offer! They will be seniors, and they can get a career boost at the very start of their career!


Some hospitals require these courses to ensure the best of health and care for their patients. Makes sense since they would also want their hospital to be in the best in reputation. The best doctors, surgeons or medical technologist will surely be the one who has studies the most. This allows the doctors to understand the condition of the patient very well and deal with them with confidence!

While continuing medical education, you do not need to worry about grants at all! Grants are usually provided to doctors that are continuing medical education since some hospitals make is compulsory, and others just want to help their trusted employees in pursuing further studies in exchange for a deal that they have to serve the specific hospital for a given time!

Choosing the right program may be difficult, but you have to make sure of a few things only. Make sure that you take the course that deals in your field of medicine specifically, make sure that the course covers maximum levels of information and make sure that you are satisfied with the professors and course! Also, make sure to have enough time on your hands to not take these courses leniently. These are as serious as the 5 or 6 years of medical school that you had to go through! The difference is that these are continuous after being a professional!

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