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What makes an eye consultant clinic better than the other?

Advanced technological equipmentThere are plenty of options in Dubai for patients to choose the best healthcare provider according to personal preferences. However, not every hospital or clinic is to be trusted due to the obvious reasons. For this purpose, here are some of the special features of an ophthalmological clinic that make it worth visiting to get the eye treatment done.

  1. It should be up to the intentional standards of hygiene because the patient is already suffering badly and cannot take more risks in the form of allergies etc.
  2. The clinic should be loaded with advanced technological equipment that assures efficiency and safety during the eye treatment.
  3. The doctors should be specialized in the field and highly qualified to make sure that the treatment given is genuine and guaranteed.
  4. The clinic should follow the international medical standards for the assurance of a well-executed eye treatment.
  5. The specialists should not restrict one healthcare service but multiple ones such as pediatric ophthalmology and Lasik treatment etc.
  6. Quality assurance and risk management should also be delivered as essential parts of medical eye treatment.
  7. The doctors should be well aware of the problems faced by locals like pollution.

Questions to ask the eye specialist

If you have an appointment in a reputable eye consultant clinic Dubai then here is presenting to you a list of questions that you might like to ask the eye doctor. This is to remain prepared for the upcoming venture instead of panicking.

  • Do I need to fast for the anesthetic process?

Some doctors advice to fast at least 6 hours before the treatment due to the anesthetic process required for the eye treatment.

Contact glasses

  • What documents shall I bring to the clinic?

Essential documents such as previous records, test reports, insurance card, and clinic card etc. should be kept along before leaving for the appointment.

  • Is there any possibility of the vision getting worst?

The partial loss of eyesight is a nightmare that nobody wishes to experience. Hence, clear your confusions beforehand to remain stress-free.

  • Can my eyesight be permanently treated?

The biggest good news that an eye specialist can give is permanently treating the eyesight. This can be done via Lasik that is an advanced form of the eye treatment for permanently getting rid of the glasses and lens.

  • What should be done to prevent loss of eyesight?

Every patient must inquire about the precautionary measures that should be taken to avoid experiencing minor eye problems in the future.

  • When shall I book the next appointment?

The next appointment should be scheduled right after seeing the doctor to avoid inconvenience later due to its unavailability.

  • Are contact glasses the only solution?

If there is an easier and simpler solution for the weak eyesight then it must be asked about from the eye specialist in order to get rid of the fake lens and contact glasses.


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