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What does this program consist of?

The program comprises three major elements:

  • Dubai Smiles Healthy School Practice
  • Dubai Smiles Healthy Child Health
  • Dubai Smiles Healthy School Nurse Training

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Dubai Smiles Healthy- School Practice

Through a survey, it was discovered that almost 65% of children under the age of 7 were suffering from a variety of oral health problems. Dubai dentists were quick to react and arranged for a program that would educate the children about the importance of oral health in their own schools and nurseries. The program receives active participation from the best dentist in Dubai.

A team comprising one dentist and six dental hygienists is sent to the schools and nurseries twice a year to practice preventive dental measures. This includes conducting routine checkups and filling in referral forms for children found to be at high-risk.

Children are taught the importance of proper brushing, what foods they should avoid having healthy teeth and why they should always visit the dentist once in a while.

Dubai Smiles Healthy- Child Health Sessions

These sessions are conducted within all primary health centers throughout the Dubai. The larger centers conduct three sessions per week, while the smaller ones conduct one per week. These sessions are free and open to the entire community.

Children of 6 weeks of age and above are scheduled for appointments along with their parents. The dental hygienists leading these sessions have to undergo proper training and education. They have to abide by the set guidelines to send a uniform message to the public.


The guidelines are available in printed form for the hygienists to consult while they are conducting the sessions. This is to ensure that they cover all the points with the children and parents during their appointments. Illustrations are also included to make the subject matter more interesting and understandable for the parent or guardian.

Dubai Smiles Healthy- School Nurse Training

School nurses play an important role in Dubai schools. They are involved in the healthcare of each individual student and are an active participant in vaccination campaigns and medical screenings.

Considering the importance of their role, it is imperative to educate the school nurses about oral health and hygiene. This will enable them to take over any situation regarding this matter in their own schools.

For example, if the school nurse spots a dental emergency amongst the students, he/she can quickly inform the student’s parents to pick them up and provide immediate dental care.


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