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The Revolutionary Product In Skincare: BB Creams

BB cream which stands for Blemish Balm cream is the hottest product in the makeup and skincare industry. Its use has been recently started in the US but has been a smashing hit in Asia for several years even for decades. And now you can also get the best BB creams in Dubai also by going on the website of SHAYARI where the best skin care products are reviewed for your ease so that you can select the right choice that best suits your skin.

There are many functions that a BB cream performs. It can act as a highlighter, a primer, a foundation, a moisturizer, a concealer and a facial sunscreen. As the BB creams have a great SPF level and an awesome ability to cover the hide the flaws, I recommend you to try one; its qualities will leave you to spell bounded.

Now as you are new to the use of BB creams, you may be thinking what Beth process or technique to use this cream. In fact, some ladies who are using this cream for years don’t know how to properly use it that is why they are far away from the miracles that a BB cream can do to their skin.

All BB creams are different in nature; some are matte, and some are illuminating, some are colorless while others add color, some give full coverage, and some give just a little coverage.

Many BB creams act like a moisturizer plus foundation. But it is a suggestion to put a moisturizer first before applying a BB cream specifically if you have dry skin. If you apply the BB cream without applying a moisturizer first, your skin will appear dry and flaky. Oily skin may bear the effects but normal to dry skin cannot.

Apply a BB cream with your fingers. There is no need for brushes or sponges. The use of fingers will give you an even a natural look. Start applying A bb cream with your fingers to cover up your defects specially the dark circles under eyes. After you are assured that it has covered the blemish, then apply on the rest of your face for enhanced coverage.

When you apply the BB cream, it will take a minute or two to get set. It is the best way to set it with a powder. Some brands do not last for the whole day. If you set such BB creams with powder and don’t touch your face for the whole day, you can solve this problem and have the cream on your face for a longer time.

If your skin tone is somewhat darker, mix the BB cream with the foundation before applying. In ASIA, you can find BB creams with a lighter tone as people here love the light that is almost close to white skin unlike the US, where the women want to have a tanned look. But if your BB cream does not have a lighter tone, then mix it with a few drops of foundation and be easy on the go.

If you are a newbie in makeup world and flawless skin is your dream to apply perfect shades, BB Cream is the answer for your concerns. Critiques said that by the BB Creams will vanish like other beauty trends. But guess what, after so many years BB creams are still a hot topic.

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