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Services provided by home care centers

  • Post-operative healthcare needs
  • Referrals to receive home care services
  • Dealing with medical emergencies at home
  • Insurance benefits
  • Home care for individuals with special needs
  • Physiotherapist
  • Caring for the elderly
  • Childcare
  • Care after childbirth

Home care nursing services

What makes home care nursing services so popular?

The home care nursing services in Abu Dhabi are officially approved by Daman, Thiqa insurance. The home nursing service providers are powered by knowledgeable professional nurses with great expertise in this field. Not only thorough professionals, they are also truly humane, who care for the patients like their own family members. The reason behind the immense popularity of these home care services is the empathy that they provide along with incomparable service by licensed staff.

Most importantly, you can gain a wonderful opportunity to avail all those health care services that you would have to otherwise avail from the hospitals. These home care providers aim to make their patients feel best while they serve them. You not only get respect and dedicated consideration but also total privacy and the comfort of staying at home while you recover.

Home care service agencies in Abu Dhabi promise to keep you on the top of their priorities always and extend their healing touch to help you recover fast, both physically and psychologically.

Significance in today’s Abu Dhabi

Services provided by home care centersThe goal of the companies providing home nursing services is to make a well-designed plan for the private sector as well as the public sector so that they can strengthen their ties with the eminent hospitals and the clinics in the city. This will definitely help them in the future to provide even better services to those in need.

The best thing about these home care services is that these are quite affordable, so people across all demographics of the society can readily avail and bypass the costly bills of hospitalization.


As the World Health Organization is taking initiatives to spread health awareness across borders, the need to have a proper routine check-up is growing. Moreover, the government of Abu Dhabi is also providing health insurance plans to those who avail home care nursing services today. The pocket-friendly and reliable facilities that are being offered by home care centers such as Icare also contribute to the huge demand in the UAE.

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