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Scalp Reduction For Hair Loss

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Apart from cosmetic procedures such as hair masking and wearing wigs, a hair transplant is considered the most effective way to grapple with hair loss problems or pattern baldness.

Since hair is considered to be an important part of a person’s overall appearance, and may also have a great deal to do with personal confidence and esteem, regardless of the remedy being permanent or temporary, most people would certainly want to do something about thinning hair as early as possible.

As with a number of other surgical procedures, hair transplants can be expensive and risky for some people. It is also possible that the procedure will not produce the desired results, since it depends on the quality of the hair grafts derived from the affected person’s head.

Often performed by a team and requiring special equipment, the process can also be expensive for some people.

What Is Scalp Reduction?

A well-known alternative to hair transplant surgery is scalp reduction, which in comparison to hair transplant surgery, is a process that has been touted to deliver faster results.

It works by removing the part of the skin on the scalp which is bald, and bringing the hair-bearing parts closer together through stitches.

The procedure is performed using general anesthesia at licensed clinics, and usually takes less than five hours to perform.


It is common for people to experience discomfort after the surgery, which usually manifests through numb skin, strange sensations, tightening, and pain.

Although these can last for a few months after the procedure, most people are able to return to normal life after a few days.

Scalp Reduction For Hair Loss

Pros And Cons

The foremost advantage of choosing this method over hair transplant surgery is that it produces faster results, since the bald patches are removed and places that already grow hair and brought closer together.

In a hair transplant surgery, grafts are planted and it takes time for the hair to settle and grow in the targeted areas.

While the effects are immediate, there is also a major cosmetic disadvantage to this method; appearance.

Since the parts of the head that already grow hair are moved to create a fuller looking head of hair, the natural placement of the skin on the head changes, which affects how the hair is going to grow in the future, and can even lead to hair loss at a pace higher than it otherwise would have been.

Choosing a reputed hair clinic in Dubai to address hair growth issues will not only ensure you receive sound advice, but also save you from or minimize the many nasty after-effects of surgery.

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