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Cryolipolysis And Fat Reduction

Liposuction procedureAs with several other areas that welcome and require it, technology has greatly benefited, or more precisely, greatly influenced the field of medicine and biological procedures as well.

The use of stem cell research, and invariably, research into the sphere is a very prominent and in fact promising medical segment, which is a clear example of how innovation and technology can bring medical procedures not only close to doing the impossible, but also make them easily available.

Of course, the use of medical technology or procedures has by no means stayed entirely regulated or limited to strictly medical procedures.

The phenomena of vanity medicine is starting become more common, with tattooed eyebrows, botox injections, and several other beautification methods that have to do with improving the appearance using medical procedures picking up pace.

While a great deal of precaution and care, and researching medical practitioners and their patient history can help avert a great deal of dangers, these procedures are not without risk.

One of the best-known examples of a body image enhancement procedure is liposuction, which is usually carried out on obese people, and concerns sucking out fat from pockets surrounding the abdomen.


The advancement of technology and medical research has introduced another related and supposedly improved procedure to the mix, and it is called Cryolipolysis.

It is a medical procedure that works to eliminate fat cells in the body, through the use of very low temperatures, such that it is only fat cells that come into contact with the cooling components, and the overlaying skin remains safe.

Predominantly, Cryolipolysis in Dubai - New Al Shefa Polyclinic has been referred to as non-invasive.

The low temperatures cause the death of subcutaneous fat, and the process has been branded a non-invasive and safer option compared to liposuction.


Liposuction possible side effectsSince the procedure is relatively new, data regarding patients who underwent cryolipolysis is currently in short supply. Reports suggest however, that after the fat cells are removed through the liver later, patients can see contouring effects in as little as two days.

It seems to be used only to target small bulging fat spaces, and is meant to provide a contouring effect, thereby ideally working on small and specific areas.

Possible Side Effects

As aforementioned, in the absence of comprehensive data, an established list of side effects cannot be drawn up, but people who underwent the procedure have reported numbness, bruises, inflammation and redness.

These symptoms are expected to gradually fade away, and so far, damage to the nerves in the involved skin, or long-term side effects in a six month window after the procedure have not been established.


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